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L2Ptv Video Submissions
08-09-2011, 03:24 PM
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L2Ptv Video Submissions
Hi I’m Chris from

We’re currently looking for high end video contributors for our site. We are currently in beta and are building two sections Class PoV’s, and Guides.

Class PoV Videos are an in depth look at your characters game play. They need to talk about you class, cool down usage, timing of abilities and proper action reaction to boss mechanics. Having raid chatter is fine for these videos to fill in the gaps between key points in the fight. Background music is ok but, keeps the volume low; people want to listen to you and your raid not a play list of songs. Remember music is very subjective. Slow motion, freeze framing and color key highlighting are very much encouraged when making videos. Think ESPN play break downs but for end game boss fights.

Class Guides discuss basic rotations, single target or multiple mobs... How to gear gem and spec. Feel free to wail away at a target dummy explaining your rotation or priority system for you class or explain your heal rotations using a couple friends as dummies.

Our goal is to build a class and spec specific video tutorial site. We want to provide relevant detailed information about classes and how they play against different bosses. These videos should be about the ins and outs of your class and the optimal way to play.

Who are we building this site for?

New raiders, current raider looking to switch classes, player alt characters, any one looking to improve there game play with out spending hours upon hours grinding trying to figure the little nuances of game play.

Video submissions:

Simply upload your video to Youtube and and send us a link to your account to: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Once your video has been approved by our editors we'll embed your tutorial video to and create custom banners for it.

Thanks again, Remember we're in beta and haven't advertised our site to the public but, feel free to look around and, we look forward to building a community driven video tutorial site.

-Chris Roth
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08-14-2011, 02:52 AM
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RE: L2Ptv Video Submissions
hey im nut

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