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Hello - flash back to 2007-2009
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Hello - flash back to 2007-2009
This site is still alive, and I continue to visit it. If you are reading this, that would make at least two of us. As a matter of fact, it seems as if our site still gets quite a bit of traffic: "The most users online at one time was 56 on 08-28-2016 at 10:51 AM." So, how are you all doing? ^_^

I stole the following pics from Pinnious (as I fail at transferring saved photos to new computers/hard drives):

In my short time, I still enjoyed Mother/Black Temple the most (when I was an initiate). Would anyone have a photo of our kill? Free free to post your glory pics of yesteryear!

[Illidan/Black Temple]:
[Image: illidanscreen_casual_wow.jpg]
[Image: illidown_casual_wow.jpg]

[Yogg/prior to moving from Mal'ganis to Scilla]:
[Image: yoggsaron_casual_wow.jpg]

[XT (hard mode)/Ulduar]:
[Image: xt_hard_casual_wow.jpg]

[Hodir (hard mode)/Ulduar]:
[Image: hodirhardmode_casual_wow.jpg]

[Thorim (hard mode)/Ulduar]:
[Image: thorim_casual_wow.jpg]

[Vezax (hard mode)/Ulduar]:
[Image: vezax_hard_casual_wow.jpg]

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