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WTB [hostility] in D3?
05-07-2012, 07:13 PM
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WTB [hostility] in D3?
Quote:There is no more party system in D3, at least not like there was in D2. In D2 players who joined a game were neutral, neither friend nor enemy. They could become enemies by clicking the hostile button, or become friends by joining a party together. Once they were partied, they shared experience and gold, if they remained fairly close together. Partying was optional though, and parties could be dissolved or abandoned, or everyone in a party could simply go their own way within the same game.

In D3 there is no more party system. All players in the same game are automatically in a party, and there is no way to leave a party or go hostile in the basic PvM game mode. Players in reasonably close proximity share experience, and all gain benefit when anyone in the party hits a health globe, but gold and items are not shared. Instead, all players in Diablo III get their own gold and item drops that no other player can see or take. This makes ninja looting a thing of the past, but also forces a player to run to fetch all his own gold and items.

/sigh - It won't be the same w/o being able to go hostile nor ninja-loot others/get ninja-looted ...*_*

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