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Casual Recruitment - Closed
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Casual Recruitment - Closed
*******Raiding Recruitment*******

Closed - Casual is no longer raiding

Updated on: Dec 30

These are our current class needs, but we will always give consideration to exceptional applicants. If you feel that you fall into this category and would like to see if we are interested, you are more than welcome to submit an application. Our Raid Times are Mon - Thu 8PM - 1 AM EST during progression, if you can not make near 100% of this please save us and yourself time and not apply.

Note: Joining as Friends and Family
This status DOES NOT allow you to get in 25 man raids. If you wish to raid you must get in as a raider. To get invited as a Friends and Family rank you must get one raider in the guild to sponsor you (raiders may each sponsor 2 individuals as their FnFs) and officer approval. Once you have a sponsor, just talk to an officer (Lidow, Booi, Siory, Jackiebrown) in game. An application is NOT necessary if joining this way.
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